The Appeal

Equipping St. Mary’s for the 21st Century

After consulting with the congregation and the community, the St Mary’s church family set about an ambitious plan to raise £475,000 in 2017. The plans included improving access for those in wheelchairs or with buggies, repairs to the organ, reordering the front of the church to create a more flexible worship space, and even the possibility of creating a kitchen fit for purpose.

Our hope was that by making these changes and equipping St Mary’s for the 21st century, more people would be able to use the church within the community, and our ability to outreach and serve our neighbours would increase dramatically. In addition the needs of modern day worship are constantly evolving and it’s vital that our ability to offer a range of styles and services keeps pace.

The organ repairs and improving access to the church, have been completed and we hope to continue with further improvements in the years ahead.

If you’d like to make a make a donation we’d be eternally grateful and would ask that you contact the Church Office.

Our Clock Repair Crowdfunding campaign was a success!

We’ve hit our Repair St Mary’s Clock Crowdfunding target!  Brilliant result.

Thank you to the North Devon Journal and The North Devon Gazette for their excellent coverage.

St Mary’s Church would especially like to thank Bideford Town Council, The Bridge Trust and Philip J Milton Charitable Foundation for their support and of course YOU…our very generous North Devon Community who have made this happen.

You are amazing!!

July 2021 Update – Sadly the clock hands have now developed a new problem which we are working to resolve……

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

We have been so blessed by the generosity of our Church Family, but also by a number of grant, and grant giving bodies who have donated significant sums to help us achieve our ambitions.

Special thanks needs to be given to the following;

Viridor, The Cooper Legacy, The Movement for Good, Devon Historic Churches, The Beatrice Laing Trust and The Allchurches Trust.

Thank you from us all – you are AMAZING!